Thursday, February 18, 2010

My trip to the DMV

It happens to the best of us. Once in a while we lose/have stolen/misplace our wallet. My latest incident involved my wallet being stolen from the Rec Center locker room as I swam. I was a little irritated, I had to cancel my credit card and I was out twenty bucks . . . could have been worse.

The worst part of something like that for me is getting a new driver's license. Nothing good ever happens at the DMV.

I looked online at the fees, so I could plan my trip. I found twenty dollars cash in my truck, I was hoping to get it done on my lunch hour and for time's sake, avoid a trip to the ATM.

No Problemo!! To replace my driver's license was only gonna cost $7.50. What Luck! I would have plenty of time and wouldn't have to get any extra cash.

I bomb over to the DMV at lunch and establish my place in line, fortunately it was short. When it was my turn, I explained my situation and told her that I needed a replacement copy of my lisence. She said that it would be no problem, I had brought my passport for ID purposes. She gave me some paperwork to fill out and sign . . . then an eye test . . . then a question or two about organ donation . . .

Then she says, "That'll be $21.00".

I said, "Excuse me?" My hearing is pretty poor, I was sure she didn't say $21.00.

She said again more directly, "That'll be twenty one dollars."

She had renewed my license since it was so close to the expiration, instead of just issuing me a copy. Hence the added cost.

I looked at the twenty in my hand and put it down on the counter. I said to her with my biggest puppy dog eyes, "This is all I have". She didn't respond verbally, she only looked at me with raised eyebrows as if to say . . . "So? That's not enough."

I was screwed, I didn't want to lose my place in line and I was running out of time. I turned around to the people in line and said, "Does anyone have a dollar I can borrow?" To my complete surprise NO ONE was willing to give me a dollar. NO ONE!!!

I stood there in silence for a minute and then said to the woman at the counter, "I'll be right back." I went outside to my truck and looked all over, under the floormats, in the ashtray, the glove box, the console, behind the seat and was only able to come up with 60 freaking cents! I spent the next several minutes skulking around the Trading Post parking lot behind the DMV, combing the asphalt for spare change. People watching probably thought I was trying to put together enough money to buy a 40 oz. Ol' English.

Finally I put together enough pennies and nickels to make a dollar. I went back in to the DMV and couldn't believe my eyes. No one had moved . . . the entire line of people waited for me to "bag lady" together enough change to make $21.00. I thought it served them RIGHT for not letting me have a dollar!!!!

I placed the sweaty, dirty handful of mismatched coins on the counter in front of the lady and said with a smile, "There you go, twenty one dollars". She counted it and carefully put it all away and said, "alright, let's take your picture".

I wanted to remember the happenings of the day, I stepped in front of the lovely backdrop placing the toes of my shoes on the blue masking tape mark, I messed my hair up with my hands as best I could, making it look like I'd woke up underneath a freeway bridge, gave her my biggest smile and she captured our "moment" for all eternity.

I handed my driver's license to a young lady this evening as I was buying some clothing, she got a huge chuckle out of the picture. She even passed it around to her co workers who in turn smiled and laughed. I'd say my new licence is a HUGE hit!!

I may never have it redone.


  1. Another great one, Steve!!! I love it!!!

  2. Wait Steve I'm confused,, Im sure that pic was taken at the Tri., with Paul and "Junior" .So is this new license story a current one or did i miss something? I want to see the real pic. Ya know I would have given you a dollar.. right? BTW, Im happy you are back to blogging.

  3. Very nice! Love how you made the best out of a sorry situation! That's the Steve I know!